Simple works related to contract filling of beverages: 50,-€/h (Packaging of cartons/boxes etc.)

Consulting-Services and -hours: 75,-€/h (min. 2 hours for consulting to general questions to beverage development)


Inspection- & Approval-Services - Visual controls: 50,-€/h

Inspection- & Approval-Services - Function-Checks, FATs, Engineering knowledge: 75,-€/h

General Consulting and Services with knowledge/background from mechanical engineering, Business Administration: 75,-€/h


Day-Rate: 300,-€/Day


plus an additional fixed-rate according to country/city (according to §9 Paragraph 4a EStG of german law); current Minimum 68,-€ for Tonga / current Maximum 365,-€ USA, San Francisco

plus expanses (Rental Car, Gas, Flight Costs, Hotel, etc.)

* all rates are net-rates