Contract Filling

IndyGo GmbH allows its customers to fill beverages with the latest machines and equipment at competitive prices. It does not matter whether it is a one-time attempt (field trial of a well-known brand manufacturer) or frequent, smaller batches of young drinks start-ups. The minimum batch size is about 920 liters (* in rare cases keg drums with a ready-to-drink beverage can also be filled to 50 liters)

It does not count, due to the extremely flexible designed plant and machines, which bottle shape, size or capping is supposed to be used. IndyGo GmbH also takes care of the procurement of the packaging material (boxes, trays, etc.), bottles, closures and labels and thus offers a full-service to its customers. The customer only supplies the ready-to-use formula & raw materials, which are blended with water and, if appropriate, carbonic acid by IndyGo GmbH and then filled. "Simple" raw materials such as sugar or agave sirup can be added by IndyGo GmbH according to the recipe, which greatly reduces the logistics costs for a flavor concentrate. Filtering by means of a layer filter (clarifying) or degassing is also possible at IndyGo GmbH, as is a subsequent pasteurisation of the finished bottles in the pasteurizer for preservation. In the final step, the bottles are labeled with the design / label desired by the customer and packaged on a pallet for shippment. After 48 hours, the microbiological results of the A and B samples of the produced batch are available, to attest a germ free drink.

With its flexibility, IndyGo GmbH offers a unique range on the german market:


  • Completely new machine park and equipment from 2016, thus state of the art
  • Highest quality of machinery and equipment; "Made in Germany": From the mixing tank, pressure tank, pump, mixer, hoses, up to the smallest equipment. (Filling and sealing machine from Italy) Laboratory equipment and hygiene / CIP cleaning agents also "Made in Germany"
  • HACCP hygiene concept and completely CIP-capable system.
  • BIO- & FairTrade filling
  • Mediation and service in the area of beverage development in cooperation with several different flavor makers and raw material manufacturers
  • Procurement and service in the area of (individualized) packaging material, bottles, closures, labels, etc. possible via the IndyGo GmbH (bottle cleaning machines upcoming)
  • Extraordinary plant flexibility: filling in bottles or cans, disposable or reusable, glass, PET or aluminum, from 0.125 liters to 3 liters, with or without carbonic acid, twist closure or bottle cap, metal or plastic
  • Laboratory services in-house for marketability

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